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Q. How often does my extinguisher need to be serviced?
A. Extinguishers need general service every year. If an extinguisher has been used or has lost pressure, it needs to be serviced immediately. Every six years, an extinguisher needs to be taken apart, examined, and recharged. Every 12 years, extinguishers must be hydro tested to make sure the bottle is still serviceable and still holds pressure.

Q. How many extinguishers does my business need?
A. It varies on the type of business you have and the square footage of your facility. For instance, a manufacturing company will need more extinguishers than a real estate office. Swift Fire Protection will do a no-obligation assessment of your business to determine what you need.

Q. What is the most common extinguisher used?
A. 5 lb. ABC fire extinguishers are most commonly used in businesses and are the most cost effective. However, there are different kinds of extinguishers best suited for different businesses. For instance, some dry chemical extinguishers are great for general flammable liquid hazards in offices, churches, retail stores, schools and parking garages.

When you order and purchase any fire extinguisher from Swift Fire Protection, we will deliver and install for free.

Q. Where should I put my extinguishers?
A. Fire extinguishers should be placed in a highly visible location 3.5 to 5 feet off the floor. They should not be close to potential fire locations, such as trash cans or stoves, as a fire may prevent you from getting to the extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are under pressure and should not be located near any heat source, such as radiators or vents. It is best to place near exits or en route to an exit and a sign should be posted above the extinguisher to indicate its location to employees and the public.